Food! Food!! Food!!!

Do you know Seven Deadly Sins? They said that the most deadly sins are Pride, Greed, Lust, Wrath, Sloth, Envy, and Gluttony. And I definitely have Gluttony in me.

I love food so much, and I’m willing to try anything new. If I go to someplace new, I would never miss the opportunity to try local food there.

Back then when I was in Thailand, there are so many amazing foods there. By far the weirdest I’ve ever eat there is fried grasshopper

Fried Grasshopper


But of course there are another foods that is less weird, like 30 baht pad thai, mango with sticky rice, skewered BBQ pork, etc.

Mango with Sticky Rice  IMG_0396 Skewered Pork

Khmer BBQ

It’s also part of the adventure when eating local foods. Even back home I always open to try something new in foods… it’s fun as long as it’s not poisonous, right? A little tip though: always bring a medicine for your stomach and for allergic in case something goes bad 🙂



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