Beware of the Con Men

In every place, there are adventures and something new to learn, doesn’t it?

We often enjoy being in a new place and being in a new adventure, we forgot to use common sense. For example, maybe in our hometown, we wouldn’t want to get drunk in some dark alley with some stranger we don’t know, right? But most of the time people on travel will do that, in the name of adventure and all. It is ok to be adventurous, but please include just a little bit of common sense in it.

Con men is everywhere too, and you can simply avoiding them by using just a little bit common sense. The ground rule is: “If it’s seems too good to be true then it probably is”. Avoiding getting conned by a fishy gold investment is the same as avoiding getting conned by in buying cheap gems in Thailand. The trick is simple, by using common sense.

I was in Bangkok and I was walking down the road in my way to the Wa Pho, the oldest and largest temple in Bangkok when I see this:


When I walk past them, they are smiling at me so warmly, while saying, “Welcome to Thailand!”, and forcefully handed me a handful of corn kernels. I was confused and just smiling there like an idiot, and saying thank you and all, accepting the kernels. They told me to scatter the kernels to some pigeons there, and when I did, they then start to tell me that the kernels is cost 100 Baht. I was surprised and angry, they forced me into it and they asked me to pay 100 baht just for corn kernels?

For 100 Baht I can eat 3 portion of Pad Thai back in Khao San!


Yeah the end I handed them 20 Baht, and then walk away while they screamed and maybe cursing me in Thai. I was young and stupid but I learnt my lesson…


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