When Life Give You Lemon, What Would You Do?

The saying goes like this: “When life give you lemon, make lemonade”

It means when you face something unpleasant in you life (sour like a lemon), you have to act positively towards it and try make something good from it (like a sweet and refreshing lemonade)

But I’m thinking..why limit it to lemonade? 😀


Lemonade, lemon juice, ice cream lemon, lemon jam, even there’s  liqueur made from lemon! (the name is Lumincetta, you can Google it)

I’m just saying, there are a lot of ways to enjoy your problem and make something out of it… just a little bit of creativity is enough 🙂

I was in Genting Highland, Malaysia when I realized that I have to wear shoes if I want to play in the casino. I admit it’s stupid that I wore sandals to play in a casino, but what can I say? Even in the movies, the main character is not always think everything through, that’s why they got into problems and make the movies interesting 😀

All of my friends wear shoes… Because all of us only got a few Ringgit left, I got two options:

1. To sit outside while waiting for my friends play in the casino, with a sad face and regretting how dumb I was.

2. To wait outside and try to enjoy the amusement park and the free show outside of casino.

Then I chose option 3: I borrowed some money from my friend, buy a decent shoes, then try to win the money back at the casino. Luckily, I won… The trick in gambling is to know when to stop, and I stopped when I won back the shoes money :D.

I’m not saying gambling is good, nor is reckless preparation… But when facing a problem in a journey, it’s best to think positive with a dash of creativity towards it 🙂



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