The Sun Sets Everywhere

Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.”

That is from Anna Frank, a Jewish diarist and aspiring writer, who died of typhus in the Bergen- Belsen concentration camp on World War II. If Anne Frank could find happiness in such a sad and depressing moment, then why wouldn’t we?

Continuing from the post before, we often overlook beauty around us and only expecting it when we are traveling far away. Traveling is a spirit, not an activity. Adventure is a soul, and it doesn’t need to be hundreds of miles from home to be in one.

The city where I live, the traffic is good as hell and the pollution is everywhere. We often have to leave very early when we go to work because of it, and more often have to stay late in office because the traffic is so bad that is better to stay in office rather than stuck on the roads.

traffic jakarta pollution

I was talking about this with my girlfriend, then she ask me this question: ” Why do we love to watch sunset at a beach? The sun also sets here, there, and everywhere…” We ended up discussing this matter, why we admire sunset panorama when we are on vacation, but back at home, the sun can sets whenever and we don’t really care.

Maybe we sometimes forget, the sun also sets here…

Photo by FloBtography

Maybe the key is appreciation, like a child who always interested in everything they see for the first time, we should never let the child inside us die. Be adventurous, be appreciative of every little thing.



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