…And You Also Got It.

Deep inside, people like to travel. We always want to see something new, experience something new; That’s one of our basic instinct. Like a child who always smile when seeing something nice and new, so do we.

Thousand years ago, people hunts to eat, and they move to another area when there are only few animals to eat. Then people start to make farms, but when the land is not fertile anymore, they also move to another area. Only when they learn how to fertilize the land, started the trading systems, learn various things for further civilization, that people starts to stay on their land: building a country, a city, a home.

What I’m saying is, basically traveling is in our nature. We just forget about it, and maybe we become too comfortable with our daily life that we don’t think about traveling anymore. It’s not a bad thing to be satisfied with your life… But for the rest of us? I know many of us who long to see other parts of the world, want to know other cultures, and go to the places where others haven’t been. That doesn’t mean that we’re not satisfied with our life; we’re grateful for it but there’s a thirst that can only be quenched when we travels.

They say that Travel Bug is the cause of the itch to travel. I say everyone got a Travel Bug inside us, we just didn’t realize it yet.

map journey



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