“Beer is Best Drink Under the Sun!”

One time, my friend Fred, who I met on my trip to Phuket, said that on his Facebook status. I cannot agree more with him… definitely on a hot day under a scorching sun, the drink that will rejuvenate you is an ice cold beer 🙂

cold beer

I think we will enjoy more a sweetness of a candy after drinking a bitter herbal medicine… same as getting a massage will be more relaxing after a long day in office. Also the same as buying something will be more meaningful after we saved the money, little by little. I believe you get the picture.

Traveling for me is the experience of being free, from office works, day-to-day routine, family, friends. Not that I’m not close with my friends and family… I love them so much but for me, I’m happy to be able to spend a few weeks away from them, being in another place and seeing something new. The feeling of being free in traveling is addictive, that’s the closest I can get for being totally free without abandoning my duty and responsibilities.

If you’re like me, dreaming to be a full time traveler but you have something you can’t abandon back at home and only have a few weeks in a year for traveling… I have one advice: Do your job or your daily routine with all your heart. Be it working, or studying at school… Any jobs or responsibilities that you have. Do it with all your heart while still keeping the dream alive. When the time comes for you to travel, the feeling would be different…

With all that in mind, you’ll understand the reason why beer is taste better if drink under the sun 🙂



Capture it with Eyes, Memorize it with Brain

I was reading a post on Road Junky about how photography turns the traveler into a tourist… And I can say that I’m quite agree with it.

What is the most important thing when traveling?

See the crowded night market with Luang Prabang houses on the background. Hear the people talking in Lao, sometimes in simple English like “Take a look, mister” or “Only a thousand kip, mister”.  Smell the spiciness of Thum Muk Hoong, making your nose itch…

Then feel your tongue burns after you try it. Feel the cool breeze around you as you walk through the market and the different ambiance  you felt back at home.



It is okay to snap a lot of pictures when we’re traveling… But remember to also experience it with your whole self 🙂



note: Thum Muk Hoong is a very spicy Lao Papaya Salad… Recommended for those who have a strong stomach 😀