Finally Understand What Foreigners Say about Foods

When I’m in my home country I met a foreigner who was around for a long time, I often hear they’re complaining about foods. They miss the food in their home country; they miss their home country’s flavor. That time I can’t understand them… As long as I’m hungry I’d be able to swallow anything… I was thinking I can survive for any food as long as I’m hungry enough, no matter what kind of food there is.

Never have I been so wrong…

When I was in Europe, for the first two weeks I can survive just fine eating local food like baguette, sandwich, croissant, etc. I even enjoy them, I even sneered to my family who bring our local chilly and ketchup in order to eat. I was thinking, when in Rome, do as the Romans do!

Jambon Slices Typical Western Breakfast Tartine pesto, tomates, mozarella Beef Steak

In the next days where I extended my trip alone in Brittany and Normandy, my appetite started to reject towards Western food. You see, the main difference between Western and Eastern food mainly is in how much they use spices when they’re cooking. I think most of you already understand that Eastern food have way more spices rather than Western food.

On my last day in Europe, had enough of cheese and bread and pasta, I had Salmon Sushi for dinner…

Salmon Sushi

However, I think appetite preference is much like fashion: they go around on and on… Maybe if I extend my stay in Europe for a few weeks more, I would enjoy Jambon Sandwich again like a real European.

Jambon Sandwich

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