On Traveling Alone

When you are traveling alone, whether you are a guy or a girl, safety should be your number one concern. Research beforehand about places where you’ll gonna be, and how’s the situation and the culture. Pay attention of what to do and what you mustn’t do according to local customs and laws.

I honestly prefer traveling alone than in a large, tour-guided group. That way, I can test myself whether I am strong enough, smart enough, or brave enough to explore strange lands. There are a lot of fun in traveling alone, too. At first you’ll feel lonely, no doubt about it… Especially if you usually are surrounded by good friends back home. But believe me, after a while, you’ll got used to the solitary.

You’ll hear your heart clearer, and you’ll think clearer. There’s nobody to fog your judgement, but you have to fully responsible in your action when you made a decision.


I was traveling alone when I arrived in Hualamphong station, Bangkok ,before catching a train to Nong Khai, a border between Thailand and Laos. Aside from the excitement that I was just starting my journey again, I was feeling a huge loneliness. The fact that I was alone, far away from my home suddenly hit me. I saw a group of boys in a bench, laughing together… I saw a lady, cleaning a table in the cafeteria and smile so happily when she saw a girl, maybe her daughter, coming to her and greet her with a smile… I saw two old men, sitting next to each other, smoking cigarettes, talking with a grumpy tones. Suddenly I thought, why am I doing this? Why do I go alone?

The next few hours, I was on the train, just woke up from a heavily shaky-sleeper train. My mind become clearer and suddenly I can hear my mind better. I ordered breakfast and I looked into my map, planning my route in Laos. Then I smiled, realizing the time has come for my next journey, alone…

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