“Walking through this quiet neighborhood
Starlight dyes me fleeting blue
silence plays the midnight broken beats
see the world is passing by
and I feel so free…”

— the Band Apart, Stereo

I was just waking up from my nap when I felt so hungry. I looked at my watch and got surprised when I realized it’s already 10 PM. Damn, I overslept… I wasn’t feeling well that time, that’s why I decided to took a quick nap. But still, when you’re traveling alone in another continent, you’d want to explore every new city you’ve came to, right? Felt like I’ve wasted a good sunny day to stroll around the city.

They said that Sunday is the day to take a good rest after a week of hard works. It was no different here in Rennes, France. I didn’t see much people since I arrived here at noon, only a few café were open. Felt a bit better after my nap, I decided to go outside to find something to eat.

Rennes at night

As I walking down the empty street, I forgot that I am hungry, quietly walk while I put my hands on my jacket pocket. It was those moment when you have the talk with yourself; those time when inspiration hits. For me, this is one of the reason why I go traveling alone. The feeling of being free. The feeling of being put in the audience seat, watching from afar, taking a rest from the game of Life. The feeling of your mind getting clearer.

Have you ever feel so distant, yet feel so alive?

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