The Hidden Part of You

A wise man once said: “Travel often; getting lost will help you find yourself”

It is difficult to know people’s true nature, some people said you’ll only know the true nature of a man when you put him in a crisis. What he’ll do? What he won’t do? How will he do it?

I got a buddy who’s been friends with me for almost 10 years. I thought that I know him inside out; but that changed after I travel with him to a several countries. I know a side of him that’s not showing when we are in a familiar situation.

What about if we travel by ourselves? What will uncovered during the trip is another side of you, another you that you didn’t think was exist within you.

The part of you who can desperately ask strangers to be together just to save money for a tour guide in Angkor Wat. The part of you, which bravely dives to a river that is brown, almost like a chocolate milk, to do tubing in Vang Vieng. The part of you, that believe in a kind side of people while wandering around in Caen, searching for an inn in the middle of the night.  Revealing the hidden part of you.


They say that change is a good thing. I believe it now, as I know that being outside of a familiar situation or  a comfort zone, can lead you to an amazing discoveries of yourself. Traveling with friends makes us know better about them; Traveling alone makes us know better about ourselves.

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