Ready, Set, Jump!

Both my palms are a bit sweaty. Damn. I didn’t know that I’ll be this nervous, jumping from a cliff. Bilal, our guide, said that the height is just a few meters, but I don’t believe him. Einstein was wrong: Not only time is relative; space is also relative, at least for me right now. I look at the river below me. The water is calm, but has many big stones near the cliff. I have to try to jump far away from the cliff if I don’t want to hit the stones. Perfect.

Before I travel, I usually do some research months before. I read the guidebook again and again, to make sure the route that I’m gonna take is right. I surf the internet again, to make sure that I’ll be on time to be at the festival. I prepare everything, check everything to make sure I’m ready for the journey. Usually there will be a lot of ‘what if’ questions in my head… and  the more I think about the ‘what if’ questions, the more I’ll just preparing again and again. Not only once that I ended up bringing unnecessary items.

In times like that, I think all we have to do is take the Leap of Faith. Be prepared, but trust your guts. Get ready for some adventure; sometimes a thrilling journey comes to a person who leave unprepared, right? I mean, look at all the movies and adventure stories 😀

I think not only in Traveling, but in every crossroad in our life, sometimes all we have to do is trust our guts and take the leap of faith 🙂

Ready, set, and jump!


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