“Someday” is a Dangerous Word

Be careful when you said the word “Someday”.

It can be used as a prayer, a hope, a distant dream where you will try hard to reach it. But it also easily could be a word of self deceiving, false sense of security that convince us that our future self will embark the journey.

I heard a lot of people saying “Someday” when we talk about traveling. As much as I enjoy any talk about traveling, I sometimes secretly pray to those people, those who really want to go away to India or Thailand or Mexico, but cannot go for some reasons. At the end of the talk, usually they would say “Someday”. I sincerely hope they can really pack their bags and leave, fulfilling their dream of distant land.

Looking at myself, trying to balance life between work, relationship, and dream of travels. How well do I manage to balance it? Compromise is the key, yet sometimes I have to sacrifice one thing to fulfill the other. Cannot be selfish as I have so many dreams beside traveling, like having a steady job or to have a nice house with a warm family. So, when will I go to Nepal or Bulgaria or Peru?

Silently, I also pray for myself… “Someday”


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