Going Up, One at a Time

“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves…”

― Edmund Hillary

Sir Edmund Hillary was New Zealand mountaineer, explorer and philanthropist, who became the first climbers confirmed as having reached the summit of Mt Everest, together with Nepalese Sherpa mountaineer, Tenzing Norgay.
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Eat the Apple and Go

“We, humans, or at least those who believe in the legend of Adam and Eve, have to be grateful that Eve ate the Apple and made Adam ate it too… The Apple opened both of their minds, and it became a way for them to return to Eden. Life is all about how to control our minds, and how to make use of our limited knowledge…”
-Supernova – Akar, by Dee

Anyone who travels long and often enough would know that everything in (almost) every guide books is a world of dream where buses don’t break down and trains never late, where locals always smile and would always helps.

I think we all agree that almost on every travel, you have things you cannot control, and almost on every travel that something bad happens. Even if we know that, why we still step outside and keep traveling? Continue reading “Eat the Apple and Go”