A Stranger in a City

Walking alone on Pont des Arts bridge, across the River Seine, I saw an old couple smile happily, locking their padlock to the bridge. It was a simple red padlock, and maybe what was written with black marker was their name. The key was thrown to the river and the couple kissed. As they walked past me, I heard the old man said that it was stupid while still smiling, and the old lady said that it was fun, while holding his hand.

I watched them as they walked down the bridge, feeling grateful at the warm feeling they gave me.

Being alone, especially in the most romantic city in the world, would make anyone feel blue. However, being alone also enable us to appreciate the little things. I think it makes me more aware of my surroundings, makes me notice small events and details. A home where everybody know you is surely comfortable, but I don’t mind occasionally become a stranger alone in a city, to experience that warm feeling.Pont des Arts bridge

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