A Quiet Alley

“I like eating alone, and listening to music alone. But when I see a mother with her child, or a girl with her lover, or a friend laughing with his or her best friend, I realize that even though I like being alone, I don’t fancy being lonely.”

I often sneak out in the morning or late at night, just to find peace after a hectic day with the tour group in Barcelona. It was a large group, and even though they are all my family and cousins (and I do love them), sometimes peace can be found by being alone. I woke up early than the others to stroll around the area, bringing my notebook with me.

After seven days after continuing the trip to Paris, they all going back home, and I extended my trip here by myself. Finally a peaceful time, that’s what I thought. Yet I can’t help but feel lonely when they left me… It was a fun trip with them, no doubt about it. I filled my backpack with necessary items to continue exploring Brittany-Normandy. I went to Gare du Nord, the north train station at Paris, to take me to Rennes.

I saw a young family in the TGV train, sitting not far from me. The husband talking to his wife.. Even though I don’t understand French at all, I knew that they were talking with love. The baby child was sitting at the middle of them and laughing happily.
I was also happy with my family but I also have the need to be alone, exploring other places or just simply stroll down the nearby park. It’s a complicated feelings and sometimes I just don’t understand it.

When I extended the trip alone, I knew that even though I felt lonely at first, if I give myself some time, I’ll enjoy the time I’m alone… Just like before.

Maybe the key lies in what your mind could tell you. What you, inside your daily routine, inside the body that is tired with work and school, inside your cramped box of mind that is getting smaller and smaller everyday when you need to focus on your activity… What would it tell you? Little by little, if you let your mind wander, not distracted by other people, freed from daily routine, allowing to see the bigger picture of life in travel… What would your mind tell you?

I arrived at Rennes after changing train at Le Mans, then I took a detour from my way from the train station to the hostel. Walking through a quiet alley, I felt that I found the answer…


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