A Race and A Labyrinth

“I’ve been lost in this fancy labyrinth
Should I say goodbye to my family…”

– the Band Apart, Shine on Me

The idea of getting myself on the road again always makes me excited, but for what reason I still don’t know how to explain. I like the comfort of a house, and why do I want to be at a place where I’m having a hard time communicating my thoughts? I like being able to know where I am and how to get from one place to another as easy as just hop on my car and drive, but why do I want to get lost in the middle of nowhere without the slightest idea of how to get away?

I live in a duality. I am a guy that enjoy the cheapest street food and an expensive wine. I find thrills on the hardship of mountain hiking and a relaxing spa resort. I choose to experience both and enjoy both, and I’m glad to feel that way. Life for me is about experiences, and I want to try to feel both side of the coin.

The magic had me dazzled. The single word: “Unknown” affect me more than I realized. I pursue the truth and value knowledge, and it has driven me to places I’m curious of. The idea of having all of your things, stuffed in a backpack that would be your best friend on the road, feels so refreshing to me. The idea of true freedom, whatever small and untrue they might be, tickled me to pursue it further and further. The thirst to feel, to see, to hear, to experience it all.

At the end of the day, for me life is not just a rat’s race, there’s also a labyrinth with cheeses you’ll found in some twists and turns inside.


“…Believing in this
MAGIC makes me satisfied
MAGIC makes me feel alright
MAGIC…and I walk in to the sun”

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