The Silence in Snow

I was on 4950 m asl on my way to Gorakh Shep, in the middle of Everest Base Camp trek when I realize that I was completely alone. My guide, Pasang, was staying behind; he met with a friend and wanted to talk for a while, and he knew he could caught up to me really quick. There I saw whites and ice and beautiful mountain, and it was beautiful and all I could hear was the wind blowing and cut my face cold. I walked and walked, stabbing snow with my trekking pole, inhaling the freezing air and set my eyes on everywhere, like a hungry beast I feel the greed to capture everything, the beauty surrounding me. Suddenly I felt a bit dizzy and I sat down on the ground, the small area which the snow has melted.

P1030457I was out of breath easily on that altitude, I tried to slow my pace down by taking a deep breath and closed my eyes. When I could control my breath again, I opened my eyes. What a beautiful scenery it was! But what I enjoy the most is the fact that you cannot hear anything beside the wind. How often we can completely hear nothing beside the sound of nature, back in the city? Away from all the craziness of people and norms and reasons and desires. The mountain isolate you and at the same time makes you free, strip you away from what you wear everyday in life: a mask, painted by society to assign roles for you in the big stage drama. We do have freedom of expression, but all it boils down is the fact that human need to socialize with other human. To socialize means to limit our ‘freedom’ to respect the other, and that actually is a good thing. Though sometimes the repeating cycle of work and everyday life left residues, little by little like a car on rainy days; accumulating dirt from rain and dust, until you long for an adventure, a journey of hardship into the unknown to achieve that certain feeling of bliss, of freshness and pure joy.

I didn’t know how long I was sitting there, I really enjoyed the serene moment and I felt peaceful. I heard Pasang calling me from behind, asking if I was alright. I just smiled and stood up and took my trekking pole, started to walk again in the snow, feeling delighted from unknown reason but one thing was certain: the car has been wiped clean with the silence in snow.


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