Epilogue of the Trek

The sun haven’t came out yet when I woke up. It’s always like this these few days, always woke up even before the alarm is ringing. Looks like shiver is a better alarm for waking up early. Why was it so cold anyway? It’s -16 degree Celsius outside and I’m still at Dingboche, Nepal, on my way to Everest Base Camp. The altitude was only 4530 m but it’s already snowing. As a guy from South East Asia, that was the first time I ever experience snow. It was beautiful but deadly cold, especially when there’s only wooden boards as wall and a sleeping bag to protect you from the weather. Continue reading “Epilogue of the Trek”

Going Up, One at a Time

“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves…”

― Edmund Hillary

Sir Edmund Hillary was New Zealand mountaineer, explorer and philanthropist, who became the first climbers confirmed as having reached the summit of Mt Everest, together with Nepalese Sherpa mountaineer, Tenzing Norgay.
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