A Prayer for Nepal

I lifted my bag and went outside Tribhuvan Airport in Kathmandu, chilly night air gently caressing my skin which usually exposed only to tropical weather. I saw many people outside, either waiting for the arrival for their loved one, or to pick up a tourist like me. I found my pickup car which I’ve booked before, then I was on my way to the hostel.
Dusty and old and romantic; that was my first impression of Nepal.
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The Silence in Snow

I was on 4950 m asl on my way to Gorakh Shep, in the middle of Everest Base Camp trek when I realize that I was completely alone. My guide, Pasang, was staying behind; he met with a friend and wanted to talk for a while, and he knew he could caught up to me really quick. There I saw whites and ice and beautiful mountain, and it was beautiful and all I could hear was the wind blowing and cut my face cold. I walked and walked, stabbing snow with my trekking pole, inhaling the freezing air and set my eyes on everywhere, like a hungry beast I feel the greed to capture everything, the beauty surrounding me. Suddenly I felt a bit dizzy and I sat down on the ground, the small area which the snow has melted. Continue reading “The Silence in Snow”

Epilogue of the Trek

The sun haven’t came out yet when I woke up. It’s always like this these few days, always woke up even before the alarm is ringing. Looks like shiver is a better alarm for waking up early. Why was it so cold anyway? It’s -16 degree Celsius outside and I’m still at Dingboche, Nepal, on my way to Everest Base Camp. The altitude was only 4530 m but it’s already snowing. As a guy from South East Asia, that was the first time I ever experience snow. It was beautiful but deadly cold, especially when there’s only wooden boards as wall and a sleeping bag to protect you from the weather. Continue reading “Epilogue of the Trek”



fernweh (fern-weh, noun, orig. German) : a crave for travel; being homesick for a place you’ve never been


I noticed  the meaning of fernweh a couple years ago. At the time I didn’t understand how someone can be homesick of place that he’s never been before, but now somehow I can relate to it…

I first know Nepal from my geography teacher back at elementary school. He showed us flags of all the countries in the world, and I saw the only strange shaped flag in that pictures. That is my only memory of Nepal; I don’t know where it is and too ignorant to find out more about it.

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